Project Description


Sheet and pipe laser cutting machine(High efficiency)


1.The machine can cut both metal sheet and metal pipe for dual utility.

2.The integrated casting machine body is featured with rigidity, stability and anti-shocking property. Fabricated with perfect cooling, lubrication and dust-removal system to ensure stable, efficient and endurable operation.

3.Gantry is casting aviation aluminum. It’s done by annealing, roughing and aging treatment which release stress during welding and processing. High density, low weight and good rigidity is reliable guarantee for high speed running

4.World top rank fiber laser source equipped.Imported high precision ball screw

5.transmission and high precision linear guide rail

6. Japanese servo motor and driver system, imported high-rigidly precision gearbox7

7.  Professional cutting software, easy and convenient to operate

Performance And Technical Parameter:

Cutting Area of Sheet ¢30~¢200mm*3000mm,30~150mm*3000mm
Cutting Area of Pipe 3000mm*1500mm,4000mm*1500mm,6000mm*1500mm
Max Moving Speed of Sheet 80m-120m/min
Max Moving Speed of Pipe 40m/min
Laser Power 500W/700W/1000W/1500W/2000W/2400W/3000W
Driver Servo Motor
Supported Graphic Formats PLT,DXF,IGS,AI
Working Voltage 380V/50Hz
Work Environment 5-45℃ Humidity≤80%, No Condesnation
Aiming and Positioning Red Light
Plate Positioning Automatic Edge Searching
  • Electric supply : 380V, 60Hz, 3Phase
  • Shuttle table system with loading and repositloning zone(셔틀 테이블 시스템)
  • Scrap bins on rollers (칩 박스)
  • CNC contrpiier and cabinet (CNC 컨트롤 시스템)
  • Operating teminal wlth ByVision (ByVision컨트롤)
  • Operation and convenience (운영 및 편의기능)
  • Maintenance Messenger (유지보수 메니저)
  • Restem manager (작업 재시작 메니저)
  • System manager (시스템 메니저)
  • Hand-held controller (메뉴얼 키)
  • Byhand (수동조작) – Parameter Wizard (파라미터 마법사)
  • uninterruptible power suppiy UPS (무정전 전원장치 UPS)
  • Laser plasms cutting of thick materlals (후판용 레이저 플라즈마 절단)
  • Cutting bridge (겐슈리)
  • Cutting head with 5″ and 7.7″ lens cassettes (5인치, 7.5인치 절단헤드(3KW7.5인치2개))
  • Regulated pulsed pisrcing (RPP제어형 펄스 피어싱)
  • Bypos CO2 (Bypos 자동초점 조절장치)
  • Cut cpntrol (컷 컨트롤 가동상태 감지장치)
  • Lens protestion (렌즈 보호 기능) – Nozzle cleaning (노즐 클리닝)
  • Power saving mpde (파워 세이빙 모드)
  • Output coupler protection (아웃풋 원도우 보호기능)
  • Interface for handing/ Automation (자동화 인터 페이스)
  • Laser Gas premix (레이저 혼합가스)
  • Operator saety in the cutting area (가공영역 사용자 안전정치)
  • Operator saety in the loading and unloading area (소재 로딩 영역 사용자 안전장치)
  • Machine documentation (시스템 매뉴얼)
  • Prossure intenslfler (Bypos 펌프)
  • Bysoft 7 (레이저 전용 소프트웨어)